8-Days B&H Family Holiday

Our 8 days B&H Family Holiday package offers the best way to explore the most important sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina with your family. This holiday package is specially designed to combine interests of the youngest members of your family in a way that will guarantee you good quality time that will result with bonding while exploring different cultures.  Booking 8-Days B&H Family Holiday package is possible everyday during the year. Our travel consultants will give you detailed information about the reservation process and will inform you about the all other small details.

  1. Day – Arrival and Orientation Tour

Upon arrival in Sarajevo our guide will welcome you at Sarajevo Airport. After short drive, we are going to reach our hotel in Green Area of Sarajevo. The rest of the day will be reserved for resting and exploring surrounding green area of Sarajevo.

  1. Day – Exploring the Past combined with Nature Tour

One of the best experiences in Sarajevo is an early morning stroll through the old town and seeing the city awake and come to life. We shall pass Sarajevo’s many cultural and historic sights. . This will be walk through Sarajevo memories, which often catch foreigners as they are their own memories.  We will see the exquisite Ottoman marketplace- Bascarsija- set within mosques, madrassahs, libraries, hostels going back 550 years. Before we pass to another period of Sarajevo and our beautiful country we will take you to taste real traditional meal – “cevapi”. As we continue our walk on, we will take in the majestic Austro- Hungarian architecture and landmarks of the communist period, including the City Hall, Post Office and National Library. After lunch break, we will continue our day in small Zoo in Sarajevo, where the youngest one can have fun while bonding with animals. For the end of the day you shall enjoy  4 km long carriage ride that will take us to Bosnia River’s Springs.

  1. Day – Tour to the Medieval Bosnian Kingdom 

On third day of our tour we are leaving Sarajevo with our suites and taking a tour of Travnik and Jajce. Travnik is one of the most important cities in Bosnia. Travnik is a city of great history, in fact, small by area. Upon arrival in Travnik, we will visit the famous mosques in Travnik. And continue to the Old Fortress. The castell offers a breathtaking view of the vizier town of Travnik. After that we will have free time for a cup of coffee in the Blue Water Springs. Before arrival to Jajce we will stop at well-known organic restaurant for lunch. Jajce is described as town made of stone, light and water. It is a royal town and an open-air museum, built on the confluence of two great rivers – the Pliva and the Vrbas. The most recognizable symbol of Jajce is it’s magnificent 17-meter high waterfall (situated at the place where the river Pliva flows into the river Vrbas). The waterfall is in the heart of the town, making Jajce one of the most unique towns in the world. After exploring Jajce Old Town, relaxing boat tour on Pliva Lakes is waiting for us. In the afternoon hours we will be heading back to Sarajevo.

  1. Day – Bijambare Nature Park and Exploring Huge Bijambare Cave

After the late breakfast, the wonderful tour of Bijambare Nature Park is waiting four you. We will start our tour with train ride through 2 km long way in Nature Park Bijambare. Bijambare tract, encompassing 370 ha, is recently proclaimed by law as protected area of the fifth grade (“protected landscape”). It is traditionally highly valued because of its natural beauty and richness. Certainly, the greatest attraction is the presence and accessibility of caves that are nicely grouped. In three horizons there are five caves that are named and better known, but there is also one more unnamed cave and possibly even more undiscovered ones. The largest cave is called Bijambare main cave, or sometimes: mid-Bijambare or simply Bijambare. This will be opportunity for you and your family to have fun while exploring caves and in the same time gaining valuable knowledge about geology.

  1. Day – Herzegovina Tour 

This will be our last day in Herzegovina region, as we will be laving our hotel after breakfast. Our fist stop will be in Old Town. The stone bridge, the Old Bridge (Stari Most), is one of the most important structures of the Ottoman era and perhaps Bosnia’s most recognizable architectural piece. After the walk through Old town of Mostar we will take road to Blagaj, Spring of Buna River and Dervishes house.  Buna’s spring is one of the largest and most beautiful springs in Europe, producing approx. 30 m3/s with extremely cold and clean water On Buna we will enjoy the taste of trout cultured in front of us. After lunch, we continue our way to beautiful Konjic. Konjic that is suited one-hour drive from Sarajevo. Beside cultural and natural sights you will have opportunity to entertain your palate with traditional Bosnian sweets. Also in Konjic we will visit atelier of hand crafted wooden furniture, the symbol of art, tradition and people from Konjic region. After, Konjic we continue to Sarajevo, place from where we started our journey. Placement in hotel in Sarajevo.

  1. Day –Discovering Bosnian Pyramids 

After late breakfast we will take road to Visoko, small town near Sarajevo that hides one of the greatest archeological discoveries in the 21st century. After visiting underground tunnels and excavation sites, you will tell us a judgment about the Bosnian pyramid theory. The second half of day will be reserved for your free time and shopping activities.

  1. Day – Departure

After breakfast, the group makes a final trip to Sarajevo city center to take last minute photos and souvenirs. We take the opportunity to say our farewells to Bosnia.

The 8 Days Family Heritage Holiday at 595 euro + plane ticket.


  • Reservation’s fee,
  • Transfers: From and to airport,
  • 7 nights stay in 4* in Green Area of Sarajevo, twin/double rooms, bed and breakfast,
  • Transportation in comfortable vehicles,
  • All tours as detailed in the itinerary
  • All museum tickets and entrance fees for attractions
  • Our charming guide who speaks correspondent language will be on your disposal during the entire trip,
  • The minimum No. of persons needed to book this package at this price is 4.

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