Holiday by locals

Holiday by locals is idea committed on changing the relationship among travelers, the local community and people in tourism industry that delivers travel service.  The main idea of Zoom Holiday by Locals packages are to fulfill your stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina with activates, attractions, sightseeing, places and food chosen by locals.

Holiday by Locals packages are indented for small and private groups of people who search different and unique ways to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you are passionate to explore Bosnia through eyes of Bosnians than these packages are right choose for you.

During your stay knowledgeable local person will be with you all the time-sharing with you unique stories about Bosnia, and personal experiences as being Bosnian. Hence, your tour guide is not person from travel industry, than local well educated and informed person who is interested in presenting the culture he/she comes from.

These packages have aim to give you the most of Bosnia and Herzegovina, they may be of special interests of researches, travelers or people interested in exploring different cultures through their real means – people. Holiday by Locals packages provides you instructor on friendly base instead of tour guide. Within holiday by locals you are going to experience some of distinctive Bosnian habits and feelings, such as: cejf, sevdah, merak… Even if you think that these feelings can be familiar to you, we assure you that they are unique.

If you are in search for unique BiH experience please <a href=””>Contact us</a>, and our travel specialist will handcraft unique Holiday by Locals package for you.